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Iksan City, Korea.

Situated in the Jeonlabug-Do Province, in the East Central part of South Korea, it has the distinction of dating its history to 500 AD. Today it is a modern industrial city and home to numerous factories producing textiles, gems, jewelry, metal, electrical products and machinery. It is also home to many agricultural, fishing, construction and transportation industries.

The surrounding countryside is lush with farms having rice as the prevalent crop. Iksan City is the core of the southwestern part of South Korea. It has abundant cultural assets as an ancient capital of Mahan State and the Baekje Kingdom.

  • image of Wanggungri pagoda with facts about Iksan, Korea
  • Map of Iksan City
  • annual chrysanthemum festival
  • Stone Pagoda
  • Iksan jewelry museum
  • Iksan Sister City street sign in Culver City

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