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Our Mission Statement 

The Sister City concept started in 1956, some years after the end of the Second World War, during the Eisenhower presidential administration. A worldwide network of sister city relations was established, to help rebuild relationships and foster global harmony. Efforts were made to create “citizen diplomats” by opening communication between peoples of the world. Out of this effort came Sister Cities International. In 2008, CCSCC became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the name of Culver City Sister City Committee, Inc. The Culver City Sister City Committee, Inc.’s mission is to establish friendships between Culver City and other foreign cities with the goal of developing and maintaining long-term programs that foster international and intercultural understanding through the cultural, educational, and commercial exchange of people, ideas, and materials with our Sister Cities.  This strengthens our people-to-people diplomacy and friendship. With a Council mandate to share Culver City with the world and the spirit of bringing the world to Culver City, the Sister City Committee is engaged in a number of  creative and charitable activities:

  • Adult, Youth & Sports Exchanges
  • City Department & Teacher Exchanges
  • Ecology, Art, Language and Cultural Programs
  • Civic Awareness
  • Charitable Community/Local Business Support
  • International Orphanage Support
  • Community Membership Events

A Message from the President

…in the words of our city’s official historian, Julie Lugo Cerra…”The warmth of Culver City is felt in many ways….one is through the Sister City program”. Through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, our program reaches inside the citizen diplomat in each one of us. A foundation based on Eisenhower’s people-to-people philosophy to foster lifelong friendships, embracing our differences and celebrating our commonalities, we have watched our communities bond together. As we ring in the New Year 2021, we are reminded of the continued challenges of the pandemic. Despite that, we are committed to the continued mission of maintaining our relationships with our sister cities across the seas and beyond our borders. Culver City Sister City Committee, Inc.(CCSCC) has reached out virtually to our friends and will continue to expand our programs to connect our communities. Please take your time viewing our site to see what programs we have to offer and what we are developing for the future. You can contact us directly at with your comments and suggestions.

President Kathleen McCann
January 2021

A Few Words from the Mayor

From its founding, Culver City’s unofficial slogan has been “All Roads Lead to Culver City.” Today’s Culver City demonstrates that roads are two-way connections. The success of our local entertainment and cultural industries depends on both reaching and working to understand the world. As a small city with five active sister city relationships, Culver City demonstrates its commitment to nurturing international connections through strong and meaningful cultural, educational, information, and trade exchanges. I am grateful to CCSCC for creating citizen diplomats who help us interpret a complex present and bind us more closely to the broader world.

Mayor Alex Fisch
January 2021

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